Blank Magnetic Sheeting
High Quality Blank Magnetic Sheeting
Magnetic, Magnetik, Magnetec Sheeting Image

Industrial Strength

Our magentic sheeting stays put. We use the same material for magnetic car signs that withstand 70 MPH on a moving vehicle. Durable white vinyl surface accepts paint, permanent markers, and most adhesive backed materials.

Just $16 per Linear Foot - 2ft width

$8 per square foot

Thousands of Uses

Great for crafts, magnetic display signs, automobile signs, temporary door signs, magnetic vent covers

Shipment Via UPS

Click here for our online form, just enter magnetic sheeting under description along with the length you need (2ft width). Magnetic sheeting is $16 per foot (2 sq. ft). Shipping charges will be added as follows:

1-2 ft lengths, add $6 shipping
3-5 ft lengths, add $10 shipping
5-10 lengths, add $15 shipping