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Magnetic Stickers - $9.50

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Removeable, Magnetic Bumper Stickers

Won't damage your vehicle's finish!

Available in 12 different colors, these large (3 x 10 inch) bumper stickers are easy to read! Simply remove and install the bumper sticker when needed.

You Specify the Text and Color

There's no need to look around for that unique bumper sticker. All of our bumper stickers are made from high strength, but soft magnetic sheeting. All lettering is solid vinyl that will last up to 5 years without fading (no more old faded bumper stickers!) Stickers are available in these colors:

We can make your bumper sticker with standard lettering (colored text/white background) or reversed lettering (white text/color background).

Here are some examples:

To order:

Price is just $9.50 each which includes shipping and handling. To order, use our SECURE convenient Order Form.

Or Email us your request to sticker@magnetic-sign.com . Make sure you specify your text, text color, standard or reverse lettering, and payment information. We accept checks, Mastercard, or Visa. Most orders are shipped the next day.